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Bitcoin has now become the heart of digital currency. Many users have now turned to this currency for transaction. Many support the fact that usage of digital currency is easier, safer and offers better privacy. It is also said to curb corruption or prevent black money transaction. Over the last couple of years, the value of Bitcoin compared to U.S. dollars and other currencies has soared high up. This has lured many people to grab the opportunity as a profitable investment.

Carrying your Bitcoin wallet in your Android mobiles has now been made feasible and easier by the following applications:

Here is the list of best bitcoin wallet applications ->

  1. Mycelium:

Considered as one of the safest Android wallet, this app constantly gets updated for inclusion of better features. It may be pretty tricky to use for the new users, yet it is a good one. Also it does not need web for dealing with the currency. You can access them just by the private keys. It can also sync with hardware wallets to ensure better security.

2. Copay Android Bitcoin Wallet:

You can name this wallet as a shared wallet. This is because it is a multi-signature open source wallet whereby you need to have the consent of a group of users, who have the knowledge of the private keys of the wallet, before you go for a transaction. Sometimes this might pose trouble in approving the transaction, but it actually improves the security.

3. Jaxx android bitcoin wallet:

It is a much talked about wallet these days. It is a recently launched App. It is considered as the most popular mobile wallet because of its commendable features. It can pair with other devices, and houses a variety of crypto currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

But reviewers say that the issue with this wallet is that it is not open source, thus arousing a safety concern among the users. The issue is yet to be solved by the developers.

4. Bread Wallet:

It is probably one of the easiest wallets to use with the simple interface that it provides. It has an open source code and the transaction can be easily done by simple “send” and “receive” options. Though it is a great platform for beginners, yet it lacks the advanced features that it should have for security purposes.

5. Airbitz:

It is also an easy to use Android Bitcoin Wallet which has much more features than the Bread Wallet. It has made different operations and functions related to Bitcoin simpler. It gives you information about merchants who accept Bitcoin. It also notifies you regarding any discounted gift cards that you may buy with the Bitcoin.

6. Green address:

People with more experience in the field of digital currency usually go for this wallet. It offers good security features and is said to be a quality choice for Bitcoin storage.

7. Electrum bitcoin wallet:

This Android Wallet is very useful from the point of view of backup. When you download the app, you can generate your wallet by entering a “seed” of twelve random words of your choice. Now if anything happens to this Android device of yours, you can easily get back the contents of your wallet with the help of this “seed”. It also uses a 6-digit PIN set up by you before confirming any kind of payments.

Also the latest version of this wallet has a QR scanner which is able to scan the wallet addresses and send payments.

8. Coinomi wallet:

The major features of this wallet are:

  • Supporting multiple crypto-currencies
  • Restoring your Bitcoin easily with the available backup system.

The other crypto-currencies that it supports are Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and also Ether tokens. You can also setup an overview section in order to regularly check the value of the currency and the current market price.

Here also the wallet is generated by a “master seed” which is yet again a powerful tool to get access to your wallet when your device is damaged.

9. Green bits bitcoin wallet:

This wallet comes in handy when you need to make instant payments anywhere anytime without facing much complication. The setup of this wallet can take time but it assures security and safety. The reason behind its instant payment feature is that it does not wait for the confirmation by the Blockchain. But it doesn’t mean that it is unsafe. Each payment has a unique “hash” which prevents any fraudulent activity.

10. Bitcoin wallet:
Claimed by the developers to be the oldest and easiest wallet to use, this wallet indeed has a quick and easy setup with a simple interface. It makes you aware regarding all the fees associated with the transaction that you make that most of the wallets don’t. The simple “Send” and “Receive” option make the process simpler. You also have an address book which keeps record of the frequent payment destinations. But the security that this wallet provides is not that strong and reliable as said in many reviews on the wallet. There is no process of recovery in case any damage is caused to the device.

11. Samourai bitcoin wallet:

It is a highly safe and secure platform for housing your Bitcoin. It keeps adding new functionalities to make the environment safer for your stored currency. It has formulated multiple algorithms that help preserve your transactional privacy. I charges you minor fees for the transaction that you make.

In spite of having all such wallets, it is always preferred to have a hardware wallet, which might be synced with these apps so as to confirm better security for your Bitcoin.

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