[29 Nov] Amazon Syska Trimmer Quiz


Amazon has once again come with a contest Syska Trimmer Quiz where 200 users are going to win a Syska Trimmer for free by answering 5 simple Questions.

Amazon chooses a unique way to promote its products and brands. One of their way is quiz contests where user will be asked certain questions. On answering all the questions correctly, user will be eligible for lucky draw where he can win the specified product of the contest.

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After Amazon’s OnePlus 5T quiz which was held on 28 nov i.e, yesterday, another contest from Amazon has arrived, Amazon Syska Trimmer Quiz Contest.

How to enter the Amazon Syska Trimmer Quiz Contest :

  • Download Amazon App and signin . Amazon Syska Trimmer Quiz contest supports app only.
  • On the top of the Amazon App Homepage, you will find a banner of Syska Trimmer Quiz Time Contest .

  • Open the banner and enter the contest.
  • You will be asked with 5 quiz questions which has to be answered correctly in order to get an opportunity to win a Syska Trimmer.
  • To Increase your chances of winning, Tweet with the format given at the end of this post.

Questions and Answers of The 29 Nov Amazon Syska Trimmer Quiz are given below :

1] Which of the following is NOT a feature of the Syska HT1309 trimmer?

Answer: Hair color Enhancer.

2] Which of these is the NOT the name of a popular beard style?

Answer : Mole Patch

3]Syska HT1309 gives 60 minutes of continuous trimming with 8 hours of charge?

Answer : TRUE

4]Which of these is the name of a popular moustache style?

Answer : Handle Bar

5]What is the name of the annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues?

Answer :Movember

On answering all the questions correctly of 29 nov amazon quiz, you will be prompted with a congratulations page which confirms the entry in your Syska App Quiz lucky draw. To increase your chances of winning, tweet the script given below.

YO! All Answers of Syska App Quiz answered correctly @amazonIN #SyskaAppQuizClick To Tweet
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