[28th November Answers] Solve Riddle and Win a OnePlus 5T from Amazon


28th November, once again Amazon is giving its users an opportunity to win a OnePlus 5T for free by solving a simple quiz consisting of 5 questions. All the answers of Amazon OnePlus 5T contest are mentioned below. 

Amazon recently held a Kindle Reader Quiz and Black Friday Quiz where the contestants who answered all the questions correctly had a chance to win Amazon Kindle and and Rs.10000 worth Amazon pay balance respectively.

28th November is once again a special day as Amazon has come up with an amazing contest where users can win their favorite OnePlus 5T.

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How to enter the Amazon OnePlus 5T Quiz :

  • Download Amazon App and signin . Amazon OnePlus 5T Quiz contest supports app only.
  • On the top of the Amazon App Homepage, you will find a banner of OnePlus 5T Quiz Contest .

  • Open the banner and enter the contest.
  • You will be asked with 5 quiz questions which has to be answered correctly in order to get an opportunity to win a OnePlus 5T.
  • To Increase your chances of winning, Tweet with the format given at the end of this post.

Amazon OnePlus 5T Riddles Questions and Answers :

1) I have a shutter, that works best when you say ‘Cheese’. What am I?

Answer : Camera

2)I am known for never settling. I have many names – One, Two, Three & Five, and sometimes I have a ‘T’. What am I?

Answer : OnePlus

3)Not every phone will give you ‘Random Access’ to 8GB memory of me. What am I?

Answer : RAM

4)A family of confections made with sugar/honey/nuts and whipped egg whites, now made famous by Android. What am I?

Answer : Nougat

5)I shoot (photos) and dash (charge). You can unlock me with your face. What am I?

Answer : OnePlus 5T

On Answering the 5 questions correctly, you will be congratulated which confirms your entry in the lucky draw of the 28th Nov Oneplus 5T quiz in Amazon.

For increasing chances of winning, hit the tweet button below.
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