Smartphone Buying Guide : Features to check before buying a phone


Buying a new smartphone? “Which is the best smartphone to buy?”, Quite an obvious question right? Of course, it is, people in this modern world are so used to smartphones that it can be said that smartphones have become the universal life partner for each and every adult. Every month, more than five smartphones are released with different specifications. And that creates a huge confusion while buying a new smartphone. So here’s a smartphone buying guide made for you which will make sure you have made the right choice when buying your new smartphone.

There are some things to consider before buying a smartphone. Below is the list of different factors to consider when buying a smartphone.

What to look for when buying a smartphone?

Let’s start :

  • Budget

The first thing everyone needs to do when buying a phone is to fix a budget. It is recommended to have an approx budget as that lets you in increasing the budget if needed in order to meet your requirements or lower your budget in case. The main aim here is to buy a smartphone which is worth the bucks you have spent.

  • Screen Size

You may be the type of person who likes a handy smartphone or you can be the other type who prefers a large screen. As the qwerty phones have lost the competition, it is not recommended considering a qwerty smartphone as it has got its cons. If you like a handy smartphone you can go for a 5″ smartphone which settles well in hand and is suitable for one-handed use. If you want the big screen experience to enjoy movies and games than you can go for 5.5″ smartphone. Screen size above 5.5″ is too bulky by which it doesn’t hold well in your pocket. Also, screens with 18:9 aspect ratio have been the latest fashion in the smartphone which not only comes with thinner bezels but also makes a phone handy. Go for 18:9 aspect ratio over 16:9.

  • Processor

All the different tasks from boot to shut down are handled by the processor. Another thing to know is that processor speed matters more while compared to RAM. So if you are stuck at a comparison of 2 different smartphones, while one with higher clock speed and less RAM and the other with lesser clock speed and more RAM, it is recommended to go with the smartphone with higher clock speed.

Which is the best, Snapdragon or Mediatek?

iPhone has their own processor and Intel processors are found in a few phones. So the major confusion lies between MediaTek and Snapdragon processors. If you are having a budget of more than 15k INR go for a Snapdragon processor smartphone as it’s faster, has Adreno GPU and does not heat much compared to MediaTek as the MediaTek processors have more cores and more cores = more heat. If you do not have an option to buy a Snapdragon-powered smartphone than go for a MediaTek processor smartphone with the highest clock speed than all other smartphones in your budget range.

  • Display

The display of your new smartphone will give its first impression. A smartphone’s viewing angle much be such that you can view the screen clearly from different angles, it matters when you are playing a motion-sensing game. Your new smartphone must have an outdoor brightness option or to increase brightness to the highest level where you can view the screen in sunlight without any efforts.

The minimum resolution techbunch recommends is 1920×1080 which is quite enough if you are buying a budget smartphone. Pixel Density must be more than 300ppi for a clean experience. Different displays based on their resolution can be put in this way 4K/UltraHD(3840×2160) >2K/quad-HD(2560×1440) >1080p(1920×1080) >720p(1820×720).

  • Internal Storage

Internal storage sometimes mentioned as ROM is the total size a device can store in its built-in storage which can neither be increased nor replaced if you wish to. Internal storage, however, creates a difference in your smartphone’s processing speed when its capacity is almost full. This is why you have to consider a smartphone with higher internal storage. And now that some smartphones come with a hybrid slot where you can either insert your second sim card or a memory card, that may not give you a chance to use an external memory if both the sim cards are in use. In that case, go with a smartphone with higher internal storage. Same applies to the smartphones where the storage is not expandable.

  • Battery

Battery capacity is one of the important factors to consider while buying a new smartphone. You will not be happy with your new smartphone if it’s battery life is not sufficient enough. Plugging in your smartphone now and then is frustrating, isn’t it? A smartphone must run for at least 8 hours on moderate continuous usage. 3000mAh capacity is a fine option. Fast charging is another need in this smartphone era of a busy world.

  • Camera

Smartphone cameras are getting better and better every day. Dual camera smartphone is a trend now in the smartphone market. If the camera is the major priority you are looking for in your new smartphone, then the best way to choose your new smartphone is by going through camera review video of different smartphones available on YouTube. Checking camera comparison video of smartphones is a great way to find the right smartphone you are looking for. Do not worry about megapixel, even the Samsung’s flagship phone Samsung galaxy s8 has 12-megapixel rear camera.


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