Realme 1 Pros and Cons

The Chinese company Oppo introduced its sub-brand RealMe in India with its first smartphone launch RealMe 1. Realme aims to set a tough competition especially in the mid range smartphone segments in which Xiaomi currently leads.

The RealMe with its powerful Helio P60 processor and AI capabilities has been a great package at an affordable price. With a 13mp rear camera with f/2.2 aperture and 8mp front camera, RealMe performs pretty well in camera department. The 3410 battery on the RealMe lasts for a day with moderate usage. You may need to find your charger early if you are gamer. When it comes to security lock, the RealMe falls behind with the lack of fingerprint sensor. One must rely on face unlock. With that, let us see the complete list of pros and cons of RealMe 1.

Pros and Cons of RealMe 1? Is RealMe 1 worth buying?

Pros of RealMe 1 :

  • Helio P60

Helio P60 is one of the powerful processors found in the mid range smartphones. With an AnTuTu score of 138,321, the processor is clearly ahead from the Snapdragon 636 found in Redmi Note 5 Pro and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1. In the speed tests performed between RealMe 1, Redmi Note 5 Pro and Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1, RealMe stood first which was not very surprising. The RealMe 1 did not struggle when it came to gaming, which means handling day to day tasks and multitasking will not be an problem for this budget beast.

  • AI capabilities

Helio P60 with NeuroPilot Technology brings the machine learning to the RealMe 1. It learns users usage to kill background apps and improve battery life. As per the company’s claim, the RealMe 1’s AI camera can detect scenes and finds the suitable balance of brightness, exposure and color. However, in times the photos taken from RealMe 1 are over exposed and the color produced due to AI post processing do not seem realistic.

  • Price

PRICE! that’s where the major pros of RealMe lies. Oppo F7 which also comes with Helio P60 is being sold at a price of Rs. 21990 whereas the RealMe 1 with the same processor starts at a price of Rs. 9999 which is comparatively half the price of F7. With Helio P60 and AI capabilities, 1080p display and a decent camera, the RealMe 1 is a value for money device.

  • Design

The design of RealMe 1 is one again similar to to Oppo F7 with diamond cut like reflections on the rear however the red color of the RealMe 1 does not come with that unique design. With a Fibre glass body, RealMe 1 is a attractive device. To be precise, the black color of the RealMe 1 is one of the best looking smartphones in that price segment although it misses a metal body.

  • Full HD+ 1080p Display

The sub-brand RealMe hasn’t compromised its display although the base variant prices at Rs. 9999. Realme 1 comes with a 1080p display which is what one can expect at that price. Recently we saw Xiaomi’s selfie smartphone Redmi Y2 with a 720p display which is what brands usually do with budget smartphones.

  • Dedicated slot

As said earlier, RealMe aims to provide the best user experience and so the dedicated SD card slot as per the current demand of smartphone users. The dedicated slot can be helpful if you are buying the 32/64gb variant as it can fill up as time passes by.

  • Promised Android P update

RealMe on its Facebook and Twitter handle recently announced about the Android P update for its brand new device. Not many phones at this price get the Android upgrade. But RealMe is not one of those. One can be assured that RealMe 1 will be getting the Android P update sooner or later after the official release of Android P which is currently under beta testing.

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Cons of RealMe 1 :

  • Lack of Fingerprint Scanner

With a bunch of pros, RealMe 1 comes with a major con. Absence of fingerprint scanner is a big deal to most of the users out there. Although the face unlock works 9/10 times, it cannot match the simplicity of a fingerprint scanner. One of the many problems with face unlock is that you need to remove your helmet or you need to use the traditional unlocking options if you are on a bike. And another with the face unlock is that, one can add only one face unlock.

  • Single Camera

When its the dual camera trend, RealMe 1 comes with a single camera but has that bokeh effect/portrait mode for rear camera. The bokeh effect is not very accurate since its just the software implementation like seen in Pixel smartphones and MIUI 10 phones.

  • Plastic Body

With an attractive design on the top, the RealMe 1 comes with a plastic body underneath. It may not be as durable as the metal body seen in Asus Zenfone Max Pro and Redmi Note 5 Pro.

  • No LED notification light

Realme 1 users will miss the LED notification light seen on any other phone. Well, that isn’t a big deal but at times LED notification light can be helpful. While RealMe has managed to provide a great phone, it surely has skipped on a few needs.

  • No bokeh effect for front camera shots.

Yes there’s no bokeh effect for front cameras again seen on many other phones. While its just software implementation, RealMe can provide it with an OTA update but we have no words about it from them. There are chances that the company may roll it out on users demand. However that isn’t a dealbreaker for those who doesn’t care much about selfies.

  • No 4K video recording

Again, RealMe missed something. With a pretty decent camera, RealMe 1 would be a perfect package with if it had 4K recording. Not all users will miss this but a smartphone vlogger may miss this feature although 4K videos consume a lot of memory.

  • ColorOS

RealMe 1 comes with ColorOS on top of Android Oreo 8.1. This is the same UI customized by Oppo and seen in all Oppo smartphones. One may not love the ColorOS because of its complexity especially when compared to stock Android. But afterall its a personal choice towards the liking of a UI. While a few may be impressed with a ColorOS a few surely dislike it.

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