[ANDROID]How to Use Ola App to Book Cab

.‏Using Ola for the first time?

So here’s a simple guide made for you to book an Ola cab without any confusions.

Let us know a few features of Ola before we book a cab.

  1. Ola app has over 50 Million downloads on the Play store.
  2. Ola cab can not only be booked through Ola app but also through Hike app.
  3. Ola notifies customers about cab availability and peak pricing drops, within 15 minutes of moving away from the app.
  4. Free WiFi while driving through Ola Cabs.
  5. Accepts debit cards and credit cards for payment.
  6. Instant payment through Ola Payment using Ola Money.

Ola booking has been made a lot easier to improve the user experience. An estimated amount is known after selecting a car and destination which does not let you worry about the cab fare.

Let us know the Ola booking procedure in detail.

How to Book Ola Cab :

Download App:

1. Download Ola app if it is not installed. Otherwise, you can skip to the second step.

2. Hit ‘Book your first ride’ and enter your Phone Number. Enter the OTP received on your phone.

3. Tap on Allow when asked for Location permission.

Select Pick-Up Location and Drop Location:

4. If you want to take a ride from your current location skip to drop location and select your drop location where you want to be dropped. Else, select the Pick-Up location and select your preferred location.

Select Cab type:

5. Select a Cab type to get the cab fare. Cab Type includes Mini, Micro, Prime Sedan of which the fares differ. To view fares on different cab type, tap on the exclamatory mark on any of the available cab types.

6. On selecting a cab, tap on ‘Ride Now’ if you want to take the ride now otherwise tap on Ride Later.

Confirm your ride:

7. On tapping Ride Now, you will be forwarded to a page with Estimated Fare for different cab types. You also have an option to apply coupon which can give a discount on your fare. You can also change the payment method to Ola Money i.e upon completing the ride, your fare will be paid through Ola Money.

8. The next step is to confirm your booking which can be done right on the current page.

Track your cab:

9. On confirmation of booking, a cab will be on your way. You will be able to see the Cab details and Cab driver details. You can also see the current location of the cab arriving towards you. You have an option to cancel the ride if you have changed your mind. Otherwise, you have an option to add a landmark to make it easy for the cab driver to locate you. You can also call the driver right from the page.

driver details of ola cab
Driver Details of Ola Cab with an Estimated amount to be paid

10. In most cases, the cab driver will call you upon arrival. You need to share your exact location or you will have to approach the cab which is a few steps away. Share the OTP displayed on your screen with the cab driver and you are set to take the ride.

Pay the Fare:

11. On reaching the destination, pay the fare displayed on your screen which completes your ride.

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