How to Use Flash with Portrait Mode-Mi A1, OnePlus 5T

How to use flash with portrait mode

Dual cameras and portrait mode have been the current progression in the smartphone world. Smartphone cameras now come with Portrait mode which provides the bokeh/blur effect in the photographs taken somewhat like the DSLRs. It is quite noticeable to see smartphone cameras been drastically improved, but there lie some shortcomings. One of them is the unavailability to use flash while portrait mode on.

But there’s always a solution to a problem. Until the companies themselves update this feature, a third party application will do this for you.

At the end of this post, you would certainly be able to use flash with portrait mode on. But the flash is basically the flashlight which does not turn off while the camera is turned on.

Let’s try :

How to use flash during portrait mode on?

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to play store.
  2. Download and install Fingerprint Action Pro.
  3. Allow all the permissions.
  4. Check the option which says enable fingerprint action pro
  5. Go to the option which says swipe down.
  6. Tap on it and check the option which says toggle flashlight.
  7. Open the camera and turn on portrait mode
  8. Swipe down fingerprint sensor from the back of your phone using your fingerprint.
  9. It will turn on the flashlight and you can use it during portrait mode On.

You can use any other fingerprint gesture which is convenient for you to use the flashlight with portrait mode on.

Do comment down if this method works fine on your phone. Do not forget to mention your smartphone model.

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