It’s electronics era. From a watch to AI robots its all technology. From kids to adults, everyone is somehow addicted to technology, be it smartphones or toys. Technology has marked such a great impact on human’s lives recent years and is expected to make human life much simpler in the coming years.

Technology with the internet is such a great leverage to humans. Chilling at home, you can order things to be delivered to your doorstep. You can have a count of the number of steps you have walked with the technology available today. Not only so, you can also view graph data like calories burned or how long you’ve been standing up. Isn’t it a remarkable achievement in the human generation? Of course, it is, but surprisingly, there are more amazing achievements like electric cars, AI robots and many more.

Not only in daily life, but Technology has also helped the healthcare industry. One such encounter is the digestible sensors. Yes, you have just known a breathtaking fact. A digestible sensor is a sensor, which is the size of a grain of sand, can be put inside a pill or other consumables and is powered by stomach fluid. Once swallowed, the device transmits a signal to a patch on the user’s stomach that can determine when the item was consumed, as well as other physiological and behavioural metrics including heart rate, body position and activity.


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Sachin Naik